Task Management

Gislet has its own simple Task Management System but can be also easily integrated with different ERP-class systems. Task management helps to organize the work of your field workers. Thanks to the geospatial context of tasks and redline capabilities you can optimize the work-flow process in your company to the point where no paperwork is needed and the status of the tasks changes on-the-fly what helps to quickly react to infrastructure failures such as leaks, black-downs or malfunctions.

Task Manager


Redlines are useful for the ERP-like Task Management Systems and help to visualize the subject of a task. In Gislet, redlines are always related to a specific task and visible only when the task is open. Thanks to many different redline styles and text description options the person who receives the task has the same understanding of a problem as the person who reported it.


For more information about Redlining go here.

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