RWE Success Story

RWE Work Force Management: Gislet mobile GIS client as an integral part of the task distribution system.

RWE is among the five largest European electricity and gas enterprises. Through the companies of the RWE Group, more than 70,000 employees ensure electricity supplies to about 16 million customers, and natural gas supplies to almost 8 million customers.

RWE Czech companies are managed by RWE Česká republika, which is a part of RWE East. RWE in the Czech Republic consists of mainly four business units for energy sales, gas storage, generation and gas distribution.


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Project Genesis

In 2011, RWE started the implementation of the Work Force Management project to steer, manage and control around 900 fieldworkers with easy and efficient task workflows. The goal of the system was to provide the dispatcher on one end with the SAP Multi Resource Scheduling tool together with PTV Map, and on the other end the fieldworker with an SAP mobile client integrated with the Gislet GIS solution. This would allow easily managing everyday tasks of field inspectors and visualizing their geographical reference on the actual GIS map on a tablet.


"Gislet application, with its intuitive GUI, is very easy to be used by non-IT people. Gislet allows the field workers to have an up-to-date infrastructure data on their tablets in off-line mode. They also use various types of background maps (cadastral or digital technical map), what supports most of daily activities".

Tomáš Polák, IT Analyst at RWE IT Czech Republic



  1. Integration of the office-based SAP Multi Resource Scheduling tool with a mobile solution deployed on every field inspector’s tablet
  2. Work orders linked to the mobile GIS maps derived from the office back-end
  3. Filling in required form sheets electronically on the mobile devices by the inspector and sending them to the back end system
  4. Optimization of inspectors assignments according to their actual position, skills and utilisation


      1. Paper work is minimised – agenda of the dispatcher and inspector is organised electronically
      2. The data is stored automatically in the system and can be easily viewed and controlled
      3. Inspector can work with real GIS data directly in the field also in offline mode
      4. Effective utilisation and planning of the inspectors‘ work
      5. Better control of the position of each inspector based on GPS tracking (mobile device and car)
      6. Inspector can start his daily work from his home location and does not need go to the office
      7. Inspector has corporate e-mail, intranet and HR portal on the tablet

900+ field inspectors equipped with a mobile GIS solution!

GIS data extracts for true Offline mode and undeniable reliability in the field!


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