Gislet supports different styles of redlines and attaches them to tasks so they have a geospatial context. You can choose the redlines to be:

  1. point marks,
  2. lines,
  3. squares or polygons,
  4. text entries.

After making a specific redline you can add a text description to it and it will be displayed on the map. You can later also alter the shape of a redline by simply changing the placement of the joints or endings.

Gislet redlines are always related to a specific task and visible only when the task is open.


GPS Footprints

It is also possible to add footprints showing how a specific field worker moved along the inspected line. Footprints are generated according to the worker's position determined by the in-built GPS system. Footprints can be added on request (by pressing a foot-shaped icon from the redline menu) or they can be added automatically in a specific time intervals (determined by the customer).

GPS Footprints

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