Gislet is designed to work in two modes: Online and Offline. Those two modes ensure that you have access to your spatial data anywhere in the field without the need to worry about the network coverage.

  1. Online - this mode provides us with always up-to-date data as they are always delivered directly from the GIS database via a dedicated server. We are also able to immediately send some information to the GIS database in form of simple notes with redlines. The downside of this approach is that we always have to stay connected to the Internet via GSM or WiFi.
  2. Offline - the second mode provides constant access to spatial data without the necessity of being connected to the GIS database server. All required data has to be previously prepared in form of an extract and uploaded to the mobile device. A part of Gislet solution is a set of tools that allow you to easily prepare and manage any set of spatial data in form of extracts.

Both modes have the identical set of functionalities such as: searching, viewing, inspecting, making notes, navigating, measurement actions, etc. The only difference is the source of spatial data.


Feature Online Offline
Search yes yes
Attribute Viewer yes yes
Map Control yes yes
Task Management yes yes
Redlining yes yes
Navigation yes yes
Data Source Spatial Server Prepared GIS Extract


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