Asset Access

Searching for an object

To find a Smallworld object you can simply locate it on a map, or use the Google-like full text search that will throw out proposals matching your query as you type. Another option is to use the built-in camera and scan a QR code that has been i.e stuck on a device or a box. Either way after entering the query or scanning the code the map will center on a wanted object and display a menu that allows for further actions, such as navigation or attribute viewing.

Searching for an asset

Attribute Viewer

After you have found your object you will see that the map is centered on it and that an additional menu appeared. There is given a brief information about the object and three additional actions:

  1. You can navigate to it via built-in GPS
  2. You can center on it again, if you have moved the map somewhere else
  3. You can open an Attribute Viewer window that will show all of the object's attributes

Attribute Viewer

Map Control

To move around your Smallworld map use the multi-touch panel of you device. To zoom in/zoom out use the specific touch gestures or the control panel on the right edge of the screen. You have 21 zoom levels at your disposal that will allow you to orient yourself on the map and never get lost. The scale related to the zoom levels is 1:280 for the highest zoom and 1:600,000,000 for the lowest.

Multitouch map control

Another thing is an option to change the displayed infrastructure and background layers. If your company manages a couple of different networks you can choose and switch between its layers to display water, gas, electricity, telcom, etc. Various background layers can also be chosen to be displayed.

Switching displayed layers

Note that the background layers do not have to be taken from predefined OSM sources, they can also be taken from your company's specific raster and vector data.

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