Gislet product provides online and offline access to maps and asset information. Graphical and physical data from Smallworld database can be accessed via mobile device with limited disk space. Gislet supports a range of field operations. Field data and applications can be tailored to meet the needs of various users, such as maintenance engineers or inspection and emergency workers.

Gislet product consists of the following components:

Gislet Architecture

Gislet online & offline client application

Gislet client application is an Android application which works 'out of the box', but it can be also configured to suit specific requirements. Generic operations are provided by product add-in components that allow you to easily customize the functionalities of the application.

Gislet client application provides the field worker with map navigation and query facilities, as well as the ability to select assets and view the asset details in online and in offline mode. Gislet on the mobile device, enables you to:

  1. display graphical data in Spherical Mercator coordinate system,
  2. locate objects on the map with the full text search functionality,
  3. identify and show objects on the map that are marked with QR or barcodes,
  4. display characteristics (physical and logical attributes) for selected assets,
  5. create tasks with support of redlining functionalities,
  6. use GPS to display a detailed map of your current GPS location.

Gislet Architecture - Offline Viewer

Gislet Offline Viewer

Gislet Extractor

The Extractor allows you to define and manage the field data extracted from your Smallworld database. This data is later uploaded to the device and allows for full-scale work with Smallworld assets without connection to the Smallworld server. You make an extract by defining:

  1. An offline profile, which details the graphical and object data required by the particular field worker.
  2. The area required by field workers.
  3. The schedule for creating the initial extract and, if required, any future updates.

The Extractor prepares data from Smallworld database and saves it in a suitable format. The data is uploaded to the mobile device using LAN, internet or USB-drive.

Gislet Service

The Gislet service (middleware) acts as a bridge between the client application and Smallworld GeoSpatial Server.

Gislet Architecture - Gislet Service

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